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A surprised and frightened cat may puff up, flatten their ears, and flick their tail. So I grew up with cats my whole life, and have never experienced anything like this before. Joined Jun 22, 2006 Messages 9 Reaction score 0 Location Washington DC. He just keeps staring at my room from the hallway.. Or would creep in at the door, and just stare. Watch also our other videos! The cat suddenly refused to walk on the living room carpet, instead jumping from the doorway, to the couch, to a chair, etc. Make sure he has easy access to food, water and a litter box. So my cat always sleeps on my bed and she adores me. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Here are some basics: If your cat is hiding but healthy, leave him alone. Once or twice, she goes into the bedroom, very slowly and hesitantly, low to the ground, sniffing the floor a lot and looking under the bed. On the first occasion the cat suddenly began to back away from my bed, hiding in the corner and looking scared. Cats, just like us, can get scared as a result of anxiety and stress. Cats are truly weird. Any thoughts on what might be happening? If I were you, I would maybe try to spend extra time cuddling in the other room, and when you go to bed don't bring him in. Disruption to routine makes a cat skittish. The static in here is pretty off the charts too; maybe she got an unexpected shock. We have a cat flap which he’s used to as he’s been using it since he was 6mths old but for the past 10-days or he seems unwillingly, bordering on being scared, to come indoors. Usually he sleeps with us on the bed but sometimes its like the bed is made of lava and he will go full on spider cat to avoid standing on it. We've had our cat for four years and he's always been very chilled out and definitely not nervous. Cat suddenly scared of a room? If this is a sudden change in demeanor, there will be a fear-based explanation. Answer by Kate Hi well it it is difficult to say whether or not she is genuine afraid of something or if her actions are a result of discomfort etc. Forcing him out of his hiding spot will only make him more fearful. My usually-bold cat is suddenly scared of everything (sudden movements, noises), and acting like he is seeing something that is not there. I appreciate your time! Ha! He was sleeping on my bed just this morning but now … For example, he can sit on the bed and then suddenly realize where he is, jump off of it and not enter the room for the rest of the day. My cat is suddenly scared of comfort furniture . Then suddenly in the middle of her sleep while I was studying on the desk in my room she sarts to get up and she looks terrified as if someone was there. Anything I should try to allay her fears? Well tonight I'm falling asleep and he's in his usual spot, all cuddled up and I had my arm around him like he likes, and I went to go roll over knowing I was going to wake him up but having done this many times in the past week thought nothing of it. I find my 1-year-old cat hiding on a book shelf in my office (something she’s never done). Cat suddenly scared of nothing and won't go in my room. if i leave he'll stay there for a second or two, then come running out. Fast forward to early this morning and she’s in the bedroom with me, playing, seems totally fine. He jumped almost a foot straight up, ran out of the room, and then came back to stare in fear at the trail mix. LOL. Thoughts/advice? He cuddles with my at night right up against my chest and everything. If it helps i have a cat that goes through phases like this. Cat freaked tf out and is now terrified of spooky ghosts in my room. Goes and hides in a spot and we do not know why she does it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. why would my cat suddenly become afraid of going into the laundry room? At the end of the day, if your cat is suddenly behaving in a way that is contrary to what you normally see from it, don’t just chalk it up to a weird cat-ism, investigate it. Most common causes why a cat may suddenly act scared are: 1. I tried picking him up and bringing him back in the room, hoping if he was with me he'd be ok, and he was fine with holding him, but the second I walked towards the room he freaked out again. They will often run away, hoping to hide from the noise that scared them. Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Posted by 12 hours ago. She walks bend down close to the floor. I rescued a cat about a week ago, and he has been a perfectly loving, normal cat. 1. Let him come back when he's ready. I went out and pet him and he was receptive to it, but just kept staring in. Not sure I’d say ghosts, but it’s something. When our cats notice a noise in the walls (ductwork shifting with temperature changes) or a flicker of light (the sun comes in that window and makes dust motes glitter) they have to know if it means danger. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. he is just terrified of my room at the moment. If a cat is suddenly scared of everything, consider if anything in its life is different. A cat always afraid is different from a cat that suddenly becomes jittery and nervous. I rescued a cat about a week ago, and he has been a perfectly loving, normal cat. I would assume it was a scary dream and he just can't tell the difference between reality and dream land but I wanted to see if anybody had any experience with this. My cat has done that in the living room on more than one occasion. Turns out that felines in the wild can go on 40 hunting trips a day, while domestic cats live such a relatively sedate lifestyle that they need to burn off the excess energy, the video explains. He runs from the room as soon as it comes on and will not come back . She's normally a bit of a spazz, so it's not unlikely that she got into something that may have hurt her. My cat sleeps on my bed all the time and was never scared of my room. So I turned on the light and tried showing him everything in my room (under the bed and any clothes or pillows and such) and he just kept looking at my room. Your pet has to feel safe in its environment, otherwise it will be scared of anything: a noise, an unknown person, the water while you fill the bathtub, the television, the vacuum cleaner … these are usually temporary situations, which are solved with patience and providing the animal with affection and security, although there are cases in which the cat suffers from constant tension that can affect its health and … Press J to jump to the feed. Once, while my cat was sniffing a bag of trail mix, I played a high note on my harmonica. So I grew up with cats my whole life, and have never experienced anything like this before. Many elder pets have trouble orientating around the house. It’s a big part of their day to observe and evaluate their giant sensory map. Show More. She also acts like she sees something in the room and no one else can see it. Are these two incidents related? Press J to jump to the feed. It sounds like he likes to sleep with you, so hopefully once he's done enough investigating/he's forgotten about it, he'll go back to sleeping with you like normal. Can’t find anything, unplug the Feliway diffuser that I had just replaced in there in case that might be it. In shrot, your cat scared all of a sudden may be because of some routine changed, or some insecurity that constantly bothering them. A sudden change or disruption in her routine Her sense of arrangement may get disrupted by new things, people, animals or changes of environment. Information cat, exact age unknown somewhere around 8 human years, female, spayed. he'll stand with me at the threshold, then match me step by step as i enter; if i stop, he stops for however long i'm stationary. Your cat might genuinely be scared. You are aware of what stress can cause in the life of a human being. The second time was underneath where my bed should be downstairs, in the living room. WANT TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS? We joked that he had … During the fear state, their levels of adrenaline and cortisol increase. Cat suddenly scared of everything? Everyone who has lived with a cat has seen him just suddenly race from one side of the room to another for no apparent reason. The worst reason for your cat suddenly seeming scared of you is if they are experiencing illness. Category: Cat. My other cat isn’t affected at all and isn’t seeing/hearing/smelling whatever is terrifying cat #1 in the bedroom. She crawled downstairs and kept looking at the stairway with this terrified expression. Can you imagine how it is going to affect this small friend of yours if not handled appropriately? He doesn't come in, when he does, he acts really scared and runs out if I make the slightest movement. his food and litter box are in that room. I have heard some amusing rumors that … How can you help your scared cat? Thread starter crazycatlady2; Start Date Jun 22, 2006; Jun 22, 2006 #1 C. crazycatlady2 TCS Member Thread starter. I was so confused cause she never acted like that before so I brought her back to my room to see what … After a couple of hours, she comes into the living room but seems terrified of the bedroom (door to which is off of the living room; I live in an apartment). Started yesterday afternoon. “I get a lot of calls that are for cat-cat introductions,” Goldman says, noting that the issue of cat house-soiling is in some cases related to the stress of introducing a second pet. He previously had struvite crystals in his bladder a few months ago which were removed with surgery, but recovered well. If your cat is not making it to the litter box in time to poop, they might be scared off by a family member, a noise, the shifting of the litter box on the floor, or something similar. but sometimes its like the bed is made of lava and he will go full on spider cat to avoid standing on it. Cat suddenly afraid of bedroom. This just started yesterday. I'm sure she'll work it out and be back in no time. he has never had a problem before until a few days ago. I figured I'll leave him be tonight, but I've never had a cat do that before and continue being terrified. Probably just one of those "cat things" that we mere humans will never understand. Show Less. I've seen them freak and then realize then be ok but not like this. Submitted: 14 years ago. So why the sudden fear of my bed? In addition to strange people, cats are often scared and stressed by the presence of new cats or other pets in the home. While it might be hard to pinpoint what it is that is scaring them off, consider moving the litter box to a safe place for them. Tl;Dr: cat was asleep, I woke up cat by rolling over in bed. Discussion. If your cat suddenly hears a loud firework, dog bark, or kid whining, they may become quite shaken up! We have a 10 months old cat, who is usually bold and playful, but yesterday he suddenly became really alert and scared of random things. Although cats prefer to avoid confrontation, they will likely attack in this state if they feel they do not have the ability to escape. Cats are weird. She was sniffing around the bed cautiously and then booked it out of my room. Share this conversation. Have you rearranged your room? The latter is the stress hormone, so a scared cat is a stressed cat. That's about the only thing that makes sense. He’d also jump from the front door to a safe spot on the kitchen floor, but would then jump over the rest of the kitchen floor. When dogs get older, their senses are not as sharp as before. Havana Cat; Ashera; Your Cat is Sick. my cat is suddenly very afraid of the televison being on? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Love that description. She may just be afraid since she associated it with a painful memory. Cats are known for being touchy, vindictive, and they hold grudges against anything that scared them. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. #6 Age-related Problems. She’s eating fine, no bathroom issues so far as I can tell, but isn’t her usual playful, chirpy self. But this afternoon, she won’t go in there again. I searched the room several times for any possible reason she might be scared. Close. The ideal way to treat any condition is through prevention. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cats react to sickness and injury in different ways, and some cats react by hiding away while they heal, recover, or go through their pain or sickness in the safety of a cocoon-like environment. After a couple of hours, she comes into the living room but seems terrified of the bedroom (door to which is off of the living room; I live in an apartment). So this sort of thing is not uncommon, especially with more anxious cats (my kitty is a rescue too, and one who struggled with trust and fear issues). It could also be a sign of fear. Anything of the like can make cats skittish, they dislike disruption of routine. Ask Your Own Cat Question. Kitten. And he's not afraid of me because he let me hold him and pet him when I went in the living room. December 6, 2012 8:52 PM Subscribe. He was terrified of it. If your cat is hiding or fleeing, then it has anxiety. That’s one possible explanation of why your dog is scared all of a sudden. He cuddles with my at night right up against my chest and everything. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. She doesn't return to this room for the rest of the night, even though it's kind of her home base. Constant fear may be due to their environment. She's currently hanging out near the front door of the apartment, far away from the bedroom. Answered in 19 minutes by: 10/11/2006. I believe they can see and hear what we can’t. Seems genuinely scared. The first possibility is that your cat, like all other cats, may hate any recent changes that have occurred in its living space. should i take him to the vet he is about 2 years old . We should say reassuring things. I live in a one bedroom apartment and once he got out of my room he just sat about three feet outside of the doorway and just started in with super big pupils. Started yesterday afternoon. One time, a vase fell from the coffee table in our living room and it scared the hell out of the cat. Thank you for the response! He even tried to swipe at it a few times - as it sat there doing nothing. With the help of a cat behaviorist, "Simon's Cat Logic" explains why cats suddenly dart around the house, on the furniture and even (grrrr) up and down the curtains. I also check the cat top to bottom to see if there is any injury or oddities, but find nothing. Both cats have acted like this on separate days. He'll come out when he's ready. Well he startled awake and freaked out and scrambled up towards my head and over my face and my bedside table and out of my room. It seems to be a universal behavior of domestic cats, but have you ever considered why they do it? Other pet owners say that their dogs and cats acted oddly in the minutes or seconds before the ground start shaking. We left our cat, Mongo, for the weekend and when we came back we found that he had knocked over both a lamp and one of his cat trees. My cat seems scared all of a sudden. Thanks for the reassurance. Discussion. I find my 1-year-old cat hiding on a book shelf in my office (something she’s never done). My cat was sleeping and suddenly she woke up and started freaking out for no reason---she started hissing at the pillow then ran off. My cat is suddenly scared of comfort furniture. He stares at my bed like theres somebody on it but theres nothing and he hissed at my bed. it seems that he goes in there only when i am in there. Clean the litter box and change the food and water every day so you know whether he's eating and drinking. There were definite sections of the floor he would not step on. She sees a ghost no but seriously, it's possible she may have gotten bit by a bug or stuck somewhere or on something in the room that caused her to hurt herself temporarily. :-), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. He's fine during the day, but just won't go in at night and will fight to get free if I take him in there. However, in the last 3 weeks he's suddenly become terrified of the living room at night.

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